Beau Bow…

The bow.  So feminine.  So chic.  So innocent.  So fun.  How can one not love wearing a bow?!  Whenever I put a bow on, I automatically feel more girly and I simply adore it.  From bows in the hair to skinny belts to cinch in your waist to bows on your shoes – there is a perfect place for a bow to finish off your look.

Are you a fan of bows?  Where is your favorite placement of a bow on your look?  How about bows on your men (I am a sucker for a good bow tie)?!

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Beau Bow…

  1. Bows are certainly beautiful, I never really appreciated them as a child but I’ve liked them since adulthood. They have a youthful vibrance about them that you don’t need or want as a kid I suppose!

  2. I love bows! BTW, where is that coat with the bow on the back from? I saw a girl at the grocery store wearing one like that and just about died over how cute it was. I didn’t want to creep her out by asking where she got it though.

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