Neon Dream…

There is a raging trend of neon.  At first, I thought the 80’s was back with a new twist (as we all know the 80’s has made it’s fair share of comebacks).  Now, the more I am seeing the more I am loving how this out-there punch of color can be styled to look chic.  If the idea of wearing neon as one of the main pieces of your look, you can always opt to style it in by accessorizing with neon.  There are neon nails, clutches and shoes – all which look fabulous and add a fun kick to a look without making you feel like you have gone over the top.

So, as you can see there are all sorts of ways to style neon.  There is the whole bold neon look, or using it as a pop of color and pairing it with neutrals or black to tone it down.  Maybe even enough for the office?!  If done right – neon can surely look classy and still fun at the same time.

So what do you say – embrace the neon trend?  Or let it pass?  How would you style neon into your look?

Much love,



10 thoughts on “Neon Dream…

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