On the Hunt…

I for the longest time was neutral on my thoughts on denim shirts.  Then, out of no where it seemed I started envisioning all of these fabulous looks that all included a denim shirt.  So, naturally, the hunt for the perfect denim shirt began.  Sadly, I must report that the search is still on and I have looked at a lot of places (I even went to MOA to look – we are talking taking extreme measures here).  I cannot find the right color, fit or style – and sadly, I know this story all too well.  I tend to get a look in my mind and then cannot find just the right piece.  I often find myself saying – dang, I wish I could just make this – and then laugh at the idea of finding the time.  So, I guess the hunt will have to continue because I am not ready to give up yet…

What are your thoughts on denim shirts?  Do you have a denim shirt?  Do you love it?  Where did you find your little gem?  Please, help a girl out!

Much love,


7 thoughts on “On the Hunt…

  1. Of course I have one!! Found it at Unique…don’t even know what the brand is…happy hunting! You’ll look adorable, I’m sure! 🙂

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean.
    I would also like a denim shirt, and always find myself with a look in my head that I can’t recreate either because I cant find the right one or because the right item would cost more than I’m prepared to pay.
    Been looking at Gilet’s for over a year. Still got the same look in my head, now have items that would go with it, but still don’t have one. Its a terrible habit, I should be more impulsive sometimes!!

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