Daydreaming of Spring…

Yes, I know, winter really just started here in Minneapolis, BUT there are so many cute looks for spring, and well, let’s be honest – I hate the cold.  So, five whole days of cold is enough winter for me.  I’m over it and ready to move on to the warmth.  Plus, I always find January to be so drab and long – I think it is the buzz kill after all the excitement around the holidays (at least we have Valentine’s Day to look forward to -eep so excited!).  Anyways – I know that I cannot wish away the cold, but I can still daydream about the spring.  I am loving Madewell’s looks for spring – clean and fun for the season all about life and freshness.

How are you holding up with winter?  Ready for spring?  What gets you through January?

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Daydreaming of Spring…

  1. I agree with Kristin – the green dress is adorable! I usually don’t like booties with dresses but I really like that look.
    What helps me to get through the cold(er) months is planning a fun vacation for spring.

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