Office Rebellion…

Do you ever have days where you want to rebel against the rules? How about rebel against the unwritten office rules of dress code? I know that I work in an office where we let far too much go – like I once saw someone come to work wearing his PJ pants or a woman with tropical fruit all over her pants – it is a free place to express yourself, if you will. So there is that extreme, but there rarely is an edgier push, which naturally awakens a rebel inside of me. I want to push against the grain and be edgy with still a professional flare to the look – not that this is shocking, as I am the lady in the office with facial piercings. On Fridays I am able to push the limits a little more…so here is a look at what I am dreaming up for tomorrow – think I can get away with it?!

Are you a rule follower or breaker? What brings out your inner rebellion? Do you ever push the limits in your office?

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Office Rebellion…

  1. I totally think you could wear that to the office! Our office is also really lax about what people wear but I usually wear jeans and a nice top. I like to think about getting dressed up but then I always feel lazy and want to wear jeans. I am wearing a skirt today though!

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