I love these Troopa boots by Steve Madden so much.  So much that I actually went and purchased them on Sunday – that was one of the key items I had to go back and get that I should have just gotten in the first place.  I have want lace up boots for awhile now – and well, this pair is just perfect.  I went with the stone leather.  They are fabulous – and will transition well into the spring.  I even think I can get away with wearing them in the summer with a sundress as I go to all my outdoor concerts.  You could say I am in love – I almost slept in them the first night I owned them.  This, my friends, is a good purchase.

What is a purchase that you have simply adored as of late?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Troopas…

  1. I absolutlely loooooovvvvveeeee those boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw them at the mall and fell in love!!!!!!!!!!! I want them so much but I won’t find out till tomorrow if i can have them or not !!!!!!!! I am like in love wit them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhhh i want to wear them sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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