Second Guessing Hipsterhood…

I live in the land of the hipsters.  However, not everyone in the Minneapolis metro area is a hipster.  The other day when I was out shopping and walking through H&M I overheard the funniest conversation between two girls in their jeans and school sweatshirts…

Girl One:  So, I really tried to get into the whole hipster thing…but it really was too much work…

Girl Two:  I know, right?!  So hard…I just do not know how they do it?!

And then the convo went on, but I had to walk away because I had to walk away to avoid laughing in their faces.  News flash…if you are trying to be a hipster you are already failing miserably.  Especially since the average hipster will deny his or her hipsterhood.  It isn’t a title or identity one should be aiming for – it defeats the purpose of trying to avoid labels.   So, I am not sure where I fit in this whole issue – all I know is I am not trying to be a type of any sort.  I wear my business clothes during the day and then have a more relaxed look for the night.  Give me some leggings, a mini, over sized sweater or flannel, boots, and if I am cold a big warm scarf for my post-yoga look as I head out for the night.  If that makes me a hipster, great…if not, even better.  And if I never know, I am alright with that, too – because unlike the lovely ladies I overheard at H&M, I do not want to try – I just want to be and wear what is me.

So – would you call yourself a hipster or not?  Would you say your style is an expression of you or something you are trying to make yourself to be?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Second Guessing Hipsterhood…

  1. So funny! The whole hispter thing makes melaugh actually. I mean I have many a hipster friend but I definitely am not a hipster. I’m not trying to be anything but me though. I’m too old to try too hard to fit any label. I just dress to please myself 🙂

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