Envious for Green…

Yesterday, I had to run to the mall to make some returns and pick up the items I should have just gone with in the first place – and the only mall that has them all in one place – MOA, better known as Mall of America.  Bah.  Not a great idea on a Sunday afternoon.  However, as I was meandering my way through there was one clear trend I was seeing – green.  It was everywhere.  I even found myself saying to myself – “You know, maybe I will give green a chance this spring…” as I stood outside H&M and pondered.  Then, I walked in and started taking the green in – there were some gorgeous pieces.  I didn’t take the plunge yet, but let’s be honest – we all know I will have a green piece in my closet soon enough…

Are you envious for green this spring (and yes, I know…we do still have to make it through winter…but I’m still living in denial and believing that we are skipping winter this year…)?

Much love,


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