Five Loves…

What a gorgeous look for January.  Sequins and a sweater – yes, please.

Brussels sprouts.  I love them so much.  So much, that I go out to get some for dinner by myself for Brussels sprouts at local places and then meet really cute guys.  Okay, so I went to one restaurant and met a really cute guy – but hey, a girl has got to start some where.  Who knew my love for Brussels sprouts could lead to so much fun?!

A little light reading for the weekend.  I seriously have an issue with buying coffee table books – but there is so much beauty in them.

A gimlet.  My go-to classic.  Simply love this simple joy.

A fresh start – what a beautiful thing about the new year.

What are you loving as 2012 starts?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. I hear so many people who love brussel sprouts, which makes me think that I need to try them again. I cooked them once and thought they were disgusting (although I heard one person say that they taste like mini cabbages, in which case it totally makes sense that I don’t like them). How do you cook/order yours?

    I am loving the warm weather lately. And getting back into the routine of things.

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