A Fashion Disgrace…

It was breaking news the other day in Minneapolis.  My cube mate knows that I love fashion and have had a vested interest in weddings as of late, seeing as how I am at one almost every weekend.  So, he interrupted my jam fest as I was cranking out the agenda for my next meeting with the breaking news – beautiful wedding gowns were destroyed!  I was appalled.  I was heart broken.  I actually teared up while sitting at my desk.  Priscilla of Boston is closing stores across the country – with all sorts of beautiful gowns being left behind.  One would think that this would be a perfect chance to give back – as there are so many wonderful organizations that collect dresses to give to women that cannot afford them – from proms to army wives, those stunning gowns could have gone to people that would have cherished them.  But no.  Rather they were spray painted and destroyed.  Is it the end of the world?  No, by no means.  But it is still such a waste that broke my heart.  To see more you can watch the video here.

Do you think it is a disgrace?  What is the biggest fashion disgrace you have ever seen or heard of?

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7 thoughts on “A Fashion Disgrace…

  1. I saw this and was appalled as well! Can you even believe it? It seems pointless. Apparently David’s Bridal, who is their parent company, is now involved and is trying to make amends with the public. But how can you take back all the damage that was done? It’s horrible.

  2. I was a Priscilla of Boston designer for 10 years under the direction of Priscilla Kidder (the founder and origional owner ).This is an absolute disgrace and I know Mrs. Kidder would be horrified as she did a great deal of charitable giving with her left over gowns .It is my belief that the company closed because when the origional owner left the magic was lost .Please see my desgns at http://www.michaelofboston.com ..

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