The Red Sole…

Every fashionista knows the shoe when they see the red sole.  It is the shoe that every lady dreams of owning one day.  Whether you want the classic black pump, which is totally what the practical side of me wants, or the fun crazy art you get to stomp around town in – you want the red sole.  You want Christian Louboutin on your feet.  His shoes make every woman’s foot look stunning.  He lets you walk on art.  I am totally in a dream world today, but I do really want a pair one day – that is somewhat practical of course, so I could wear them to the office, too – because let’s be honest, the shoe makes the outfit, and the red sole always makes the outfit.  Or maybe I will splurge for my wedding day…

Do you own a pair of Christian Louboutin’s?  Classic or fun?  What is your cutoff for price to spend on a quality pair of shoes?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “The Red Sole…

  1. Yeah, I’ll never own a pair of shoes that expensive – nor I guess ever be dressed in high fashion. The most I’ve spent on a pair of shoes in recent history was $60 and even that was a stretch.

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