Office Style…

It appears I am actually enjoying my job these days.  With that, I have more and more been wanting to let my office world be intertwined with fashion.  With the new year, means new office clothes.  The goal is professional, yet still cute and fashion forward, as well as affordable.  The key is to buy pieces that can mix and match well to give you more options.  The other day I got a few great pieces at Gap.  I also love the LOFT, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, New York & Co, and Express when looking at mainstream stores.  Though, my real secret is the little boutiques we have scattered across the Twin Cities – so many affordable, trendy pieces that add a fun flare to my office look.

What is your office style?

Much love,



6 thoughts on “Office Style…

  1. You should list where you go shopping in the cities! That would be a fun post, especially since there’s no tax up there and it’s so easy just to go to the land of 10,000 malls.

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