Five Loves…

Presents all wrapped and under the tree ready to be opened on Christmas morning.  So pretty.

Wrapping myself up so only my eyes can be seen before I head out into the bitter cold.

Over the knee socks that pop out of your boots and feel like a sweater for your legs.  I have been loving this look and feel a lot as of late.

Time to paint.  So excited for this today.

My first day of Christmas break – which is really only four days long, but hey it is better than nothing!

What are you loving this holiday season?

Much love,


Gift Guide {Last Minute}…

Oh I am sure we all do it with at least one person on our list, and some may even theave their whole list, until the last few days before Christmas.  So, what do you do for those people that you are still stumped on, but you really want to get them something?  The easiest solution is think about what they love – good food or music or clothes or travel – and then get a gift card for that place.  If that is not personal enough for you, here are a few other ideas…

For the music lover, you could get tickets to an upcoming show, a record player and then an album on vinyl, or if you have a tighter budget then make a really sweet mix.  Who doesn’t love a new mix that has been made with love – seriously, always one of my favorite gifts to get or give, but then again I am a music lover.

For the lover of good food, you could go with a gift certificate to a new and upcoming restaurant in the city he or she lives in or create a Tasting Tour of Minneapolis (or the appropriate city) and a journal to write down notes about the experience at the place – you could get really creative with this, just not too creative because Christmas is only a couple days away.  If this food lover prefers to stay in and cook, this gift guide would still have some good options for a last minute gift.

For the fashionista that you are too afraid to dress – go with accessories.  Every fashionista completes a look with the perfect accessories.  Go with something you like because it will mean more.  Pretty earrings from a little boutique, necklace or there is always a beautiful scarf.  A fashionista can never have too many scarves.

For the travel lover – go with a beautiful print from one of the favorite cities, or a fun map.  There are so many great options out there, a lot are online so those will have to be out if you want to give the physical print on Christmas – but you can also find a lot of these are local boutique stores.  Those always have a good travel inspired gift section.

And, if you are still stumped.  Get a gift card and write a funny message to go with it.  Stick it in a box and wrap it up – that way they still have ribbon to untie!

How are you doing on your list?  All done or still have a lot to get accomplished?

Much love,


Wish List {Leather Gloves}…

Ever since I was in Paris I have been kicking myself for not buying the most stunning electric blue leather gloves from one of the street vendors.  They were perfect, everything I was looking for.  Yet, I for some outlandish reason did not purchase them.  Thus, leaving me on the hunt ever since and adding them to my wish list.  I love the way leather gloves look when paired with a stunning coat.  The contrast of textures is like a match made in heaven.

What is your take on leather gloves – classic color or add a bright color for pop?

Much love,


Styling Men {The Blazer}…

A good blazer finishes off any man’s look perfectly.  No matter what your personal style is – preppy or punk, it works.  I love that final layer no matter what the season.  It dresses up a more casual look if you are going out so you do not have to take off the jeans and t-shirt, just add a blazer over and you will be able to head out without looking like a bum.  If you are looking to get one, I would suggest a black or navy – depending on what colors you were the most.  The dark goes well with almost all looks, and can pair well with multiple things, so that would be the best initial investment.  If you are a fan of blazers, then branch out and add some tweed or plaid to your rotation – they are not as diverse, but they look great.

What are your thoughts on blazers?  For men?  For women?  Or share the love – for all?

Much love,


Coated in Burberry…

It is cold and that means it is time for a beautiful coat to wrap up in.  Who better to look to for inspiration than Burberry?!  Seriously, they know coats.  They are stunning and this year is no let down.  I love the belts that cinch in the natural waist to let every woman keep her feminine figure, even when all bundled up.  A lot of the belts have a subtle bow on them this year – so cute.

Aren’t they stunning?!  What is your favorite coat for winter?

Much love,


Holiday Soiree {Ugly Sweater Style}…

Oh it is that time of year – the ugly sweater holiday soirees are in full swing.  In fact, I am off to two this evening.  I have one sweater that I got a few years ago that I wear only once a year, so today I will take it out and rock it.  With leggings, obnoxious jewelry and socks, of course, too.

Do you do the whole ugly sweater thing?  Do you wear the same one every year?

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Much love,