Five Loves {of 2011}…

Maybe my favorite purchase of 2011?!  My Two Harbors Pull Over from Anthropologie.  I simply adore it and would wear it every single day if that was sociably acceptable.

Marvel Bar.  Minneapolis’ very own Speak Easy.  If you know, you love it.  If you don’t know, well you should.  I love it so much, like I am there at least twice a week but really more like three or four times love it.  The staff have become my friends and we really probably know far too much about each others lives, but hey it works.

My vacation to Akumal, Mexico.  Honestly, I love traveling, but I have never had a more restful and refreshing trip in my life.  Absolutely loved it.  Helped that I was with two fabulous ladies, as well.

Concerts.  My year was filled with them and I loved every single one of them.  I especially loved Cloud Cult – to see live art happen, both in the music as well as the painting on stage was such an amazing experience.  Seriously, live music may be one, if not thee, my favorite things on this Earth.  It just does something to me.

Sequins and faux fur.  I simply could not, and still cannot, get enough of them.  And put them together, well now you just have me weak in the knees.

What are your top loves from 2011?

Much love,


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