Styling Men {Change with the New Year}…

We have spent the last few weeks looking at styling tips for men.  I have had conversations with men here and there more frequently as of late it seems where they keep telling me it looks great but I just do not think I could pull it off.  One, I completely disagree with that statement for men or women.  If there is a look you like – then wear it, you can pull it off if you wear it confidently.  Two, lucky for you the new year starts in less than a week – so with a new year, let that be an unfolding of a new you in dress.  So, men, no more excuses – I think all the others can fall under one of those two, so we have already addressed them.  Here’s to a new you in 2012 – now don’t be afraid – trust me, you will look hot.  The ladies will love it, at least the ones that appreciate a well dressed man – and you could say I know a few of those.

Ladies, what is the one thing you would like to see your man wear more or less of?  Men, what is one thing you will never get rid of, no matter how unstylish it is?

Much love,


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