Styling Men {The Blazer}…

A good blazer finishes off any man’s look perfectly.  No matter what your personal style is – preppy or punk, it works.  I love that final layer no matter what the season.  It dresses up a more casual look if you are going out so you do not have to take off the jeans and t-shirt, just add a blazer over and you will be able to head out without looking like a bum.  If you are looking to get one, I would suggest a black or navy – depending on what colors you were the most.  The dark goes well with almost all looks, and can pair well with multiple things, so that would be the best initial investment.  If you are a fan of blazers, then branch out and add some tweed or plaid to your rotation – they are not as diverse, but they look great.

What are your thoughts on blazers?  For men?  For women?  Or share the love – for all?

Much love,


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