Five Loves…

I love elephants.  They are breathtaking to me.  This picture is stunning.  Ah – such a simple thing that has brought me joy this week.

I do not love being sick, but it does allow for cozy nights in, which I have been loving this week.  There is a time and place to enjoy sweats – and this week has been filled with those nights.

A beautiful scarf is always lovely.  Especially these scarves that I discovered via one of my fellow blogger friends, Chelsea.

Lavender and pepper – two of my favorite spices to add to my meals…which often turns into an avocado with spices.  Such a simple, but delicious combination that reminds me of summer.

I have no idea how it has taken me this long to sit down and finally watch Portlandia, but I did this week with all my time in – and I love it so much!  It has me laughing…often at myself…and it also has me wanting to be in Portland.  I think I would fit in.

How has your week been?  What are the simple things you are loving this week?

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