Styling Men {The Skinny}…

A tie used to be strictly for formal occasions or the 9-5 business job.  That is no longer the case.  And there are so many options out there for men – it is the perfect “accessory” for men (though, we do not have to call it that in feaer of it not sounding manly).  The best tie for a more casual look, and truly a more fashionable look, is a good skinny tie.  If this is new for you, then starting with the classic black skinny is the best place to start.  If you are feeling a little more courageous, then branch out and play with patterns and color.  It can add so much to a look.  A good tie also makes a guy look more like a man – it says something the insinuates that he is a man and at least cares a little about how he looks – and us ladies appreciate that.

Men, how often to you wear a tie?  Do you wear skinny ties?  Ladies, what is your favorite type of tie to see on a man?

Much love,


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