Trending Paillettes…

Sequins are everywhere.  That should not come as a shock to anyone at this point, but what about large sequins, or as the French call them, paillettes?!  How do we feel about these large sequins that swish with the movement of your body and are bound to leave you making a statement when you enter the room.  There is no such thing as a subtle entrance in these sparkles.  Some would say leave them for the night, or maybe even New Year’s Eve, but others are saying screw the rules and taking this trend to the daylight streets.  I am torn.  I do not think I could pull this off at my office, but I would be fine with rocking a fun paillette skirt on a Saturday, or a night out on the town after a long day at work.

So what do you say loves – yay or nay on paillettes?  How would you style them?

Much love,


10 thoughts on “Trending Paillettes…

  1. Love love love sequins, and their french name! I am partial to gold tops, dresses, or skirts paired with simple solids for a glam night-time look,
    but I think a cardigan trimmed in paillettes could be kosher at work:

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