Gift Guide {That Special Guy}…

Men are one of the hardest to buy a gift for, at least in my opinion.  Not that I have a special guy to be buying gifts for this year, but if I did, I would buy him a great pair of dark leather boots.  I love them so much and think every man needs one.  I am also obsessed with Two Inch Cuffs for men – so many great inspirations for a perfect gift for him.  There are also some great shoes there.  Otherwise, another great option is to get your man some clothes that you would love to see him in.  Or a great new watch – every man needs a good manly watch that looks sharp.

And, if shoes, watches and clothes are not your guys thing.  There is always a flask, some good whiskey, or the latest video game – you know, guys always love those things.

Are you shopping for any men this year?  What are you getting him? 

Much love,


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