Five Loves…

All the textures together, specifically the sparkle – I am in love.  Can I wear this now?!  Okay, great.

Boots, boots, boots, and more boots – love having so many options so I can wear a different pair every day.  Now, I love a good heel, but my long time lover is most certainly the boot.

Waking up early enough in the morning to to cuddle up in a blanket and read while eating breakfast and drinking my morning coffee.  Such a simple thing, that adds so much joy to my day.

Flannel season – every true Minnesota girl loves a good flannel from time to time.  They are cozy, warm and you can still make them look very cute when styled right…and hey, they look good if you are tromping around in the woods, too.

Yoga inspired breakdancing…yeah, you could pretty much say I am in love.  It amazes me what he can do with his body.  It is simply beautiful.  The video is really well done, too – have to appreciate amazing cinematography.

What are you loving this fine early December day?

Much love,


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