Gift Guide {Foodie}…

This time of year is so fun and filled with cheer, but it can also bring a lot of stress – especially when it comes to gift giving.  The question is always, what do I get for each person?!  I have found that it is helpful to think about what the person loves and let that inspire the creative juices as you brainstorm.  It at least gives you a starting point.  So, first on my list – the foodie.  What do I get her (or really them…there are a couple in this category)?  My favorite place to start looking for a domestic goddess or true foodie is Anthropologie in the Home section.  One thing specifically, that doesn’t break the bank, is one of their amazing aprons.  And pair it with a couple kitchen utensils, or red wine and some cheese and you have a great gift that she will love and it will still leave you with some money to spend on others.  I think that is also key – give a gift that shows you know the person.  She will love it and feel loved by the thought you put into it.

How is your gift shopping coming along?

Much love,


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