Styling Men {Take a Break}…

We have all heard that the shoe makes the man.  So, shouldn’t the men be making sure we can see the shoe?  Probably explains why so many men already have caught on that right now high fashion for men is a short break, or even better no break.  What exactly is a break you may be wondering?  It is the horizontal line that forms when his pants hit his shoes.  A full break is rather outdated, that would be where the majority of the shoe is covered by the pants.  A medium break is the most common you are going to see around the office.  And a short break, well that is what you are seeing the designers creating to create a very sleek, tailored look.  Men, you will catch the ladies eyes – in a good way.  Every man needs to have a pair of slacks that fits well – and that is not only in the waist, the break is key, too.

Men, are you bold enough to rock the short break?  Ladies, how do you feel about your man wearing a short break?

Much love,


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