Five Loves…

Okay, so this is maybe one of the cutest and coziest outfits ever.  Plus, what a fun little find – Fruity Girl is a great blog written in French, so it helps me stay up to date on my French reading skills, now if only that translated into my speaking skills…

Stacking rings and mixing gold and silver.  Pretty much love doing this on a daily basis.

Bright red shoes with a nice high heel – hot.  Wear these anywhere and you will get people’s attention, in a good way.

Fall leaves laying on the ground to walk through and kick up and dance through.  This has been such a simple joy to me this week.

By no means is Skinny Love a new find, but it has been a good oldie that I cannot get enough of this week.  The other day I sat in my car and blasted it – it didn’t fix anything, but it helped calm me down so I could deal with it…and it did get better, after all – it is only work.

What is getting you through this week?

Much love,


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