Room to Dress…

Do you ever have those days where all you want to do is stay cuddled up in your bed and hide away from the world – whether it is because it is too cold out for you or to take a break from reality?  Well, you could say I am having one of those days, for both reasons.  However, that is not always an option so I decided – why not be inspired by the room to take the cozy with me.  I wanted a way to take my room into my look for the day.  The perfect option – a cozy, yet still chic sweater dress with tall boots and a great coat.  It may not make any circumstance change, but at least you will look good and be warm.

What do you wear to stay cozy and take the feel of your room with you?

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Room to Dress…

  1. I definitely have those days and I am actually writing this comment from my bed this morning. Its freezing outside! I have always loved fashion and interior design and can’t wait to see what you put up next. I do understand the need for a break from reality. Usually for me I head on up to the mountains and go fishing. If you haven’t tried it yet, there is nothing in the world like catching a fish. Be present to everything in this world. Its amazing

    Evan Sanders

  2. I saw that you commented on Cup of Jo’s giveaway for the necklace…I am doing a similar one & I think you would love it! Come check it out…


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