Wrapped in Warmth…

Scarves may be one of the best accessories know to man kind.  There are so many fabrics that make them functional for all seasons.  However, I think my favorite scarves to wear are the big bulky ones that are like a sweater for your neck when it turns to the bitter cold – like what you get in November in Minneapolis.  There is something so cozy about throwing on my big wool circle scarf, and lucky for me I can wear it at the office because that gets rather cold itself.  So, whether I am headed to be little miss professional, or running out for a quick drink with friends on a Tuesday night (who says we need to be responsible at all times…we are young and free so no need to be home and in bed by ten…), wrapping up in a scarf is one of my favorite ways to add a layer or chic warmth to my look.

Even the little kiddos can rock the scarf.

Are you a scarf wearer?  When do you like wearing them most?  Do you have a favorite or do you switch it up?  I have way too many to count, but honestly never have enough…the options are endless, so it is always a good idea to get more…

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Wrapped in Warmth…

  1. You pick the best pictures!
    I have a wool coat that I bought last winter from Zara which I am still in love with this winter what has a cozy hood that’s almost like a built in scarf. It’s amazing! 🙂 xx

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