Happy Halloween…

Happy Halloween, loves!  The sense of the holiday truly has changed since we were little boys and girls, but it can still be fun even if we are not gorging out over pillow sacks of candy.  What a weekend of seeing all sorts of costumes.  Some were fun and funny, some creative, and well there are always the slutty that I wish would really not come out.  I love the avant garde zombie bride look – it is an excuse to wear a chic gown that I never really have an excuse to wear.  I mean, these women look like the most gorgeous zombies I have ever seen in my life.


What did you do for Halloween?  Are you doing anything tonight? I am going to Spooky Sculpt tomorrow (aka yoga in costume…still trying to figure out my exact costume – if you have ideas, please do share!).

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween…

  1. Happy Halloween, sweetie! Can’t wait to hear about your yoga class. Sounds like fun!

    Oh and I totally hear you about the slutty costumes. I searched everywhere to find a devil costume that didn’t show off my butt! Searched high and low and finally found one 🙂 xoxo

  2. My BF and I are going to stay in tonight and watch zombie movies. I’m not one for dressing up but I like a flapper costume. It’s feminine and not in-your-face sexy. Most women could probably pull out something with fringe out of their closets on a moment’s notice too.

    P.S – love the second pic – a fashion zombie!

  3. Happy Halloween! Those zombies are lovely…wish I looked like that (maybe minus the face paint, haha). I am not doing anything tonight, just relaxing and catching dinner with my bestie Jessia (of jessica-ohmydarling). Glad I’m back in touch with your blog now…stop by and say hello!

    ❤ Cambria

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