Cozy Legs…

I love wearing boots in the fall because they add a fun layer for the bottom half.  It is even more fun to add in high socks – they add that extra texture, pattern and color.  Plus, they help add some cozy warmth, which is extremely important when you live in the frozen tundra. It is certainly more of a casual look, so I do not suggest wearing it to the office every day, but I do think it could work for a casual Friday, or even pair with a skirt and tights (as long as you do not need to be in a power suit every day…).  If it won’t go over well at the office, it will be fabulous for an cozy weekend look – keeps you warm and looking chic.  Pretty much a win win – and those of you that live in the land of the tundra know, that those two elements are key and not always so easy to get in one look.

Do you have any fun socks that you let peek out from under your boots?

Much love,


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