Take a Break & Live…

The other night,  my yogi friends had a belated birthday party for me after class.  As I was walking back to my car with my best yogi friend, she decided to give me some advice (she is older and wiser than me by 15 years).  She said, “Don’t be so serious – be irresponsible and go do something crazy.  It is far easier to go now at your age than it is at mine – so go and live where you want!”  We then dialogued back in forth about this, as it is not every day as a 26 year old you are told to be irresponsible.  So, what exactly does that look like for a gal who has a great job, yet at the same time has wanted to get out of MN, well pretty much her whole life?!  It does not mean I pack everything up tomorrow and move to Bali (though, I would be lying if I said the thought had never crossed my mind).  I think it means – I need to take risks.  I do need to move (again, not tomorrow, but come up with a real plan and move forward with it).  I need to pursue my dreams.  Money is great, but it does not equate happiness.  And why not try to get a job in a city I love and have wanted to be in for so long?!  Worst case scenario – I hate it and move back, or try out a different city.  The point is – I am young, unattached and love fashion – so why not go to the place that brings all those things together in one – NYC.  Am I any different than any other young person that moves to the city, not really – but who really cares – it would at least be doing something a little risky and living.

Now, the real question I have to address is the when (because again, I am not making a rash decision right now to walk away from everything in MN – don’t want any crazy rumors to start…).  So…still working on that, but if you have any advice or ideas for me – I welcome them, greatly.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this, but I think it is good to let you all get to see a deeper side of me from time to time.  Plus, when I read this quote by Casey Wiegand, of The Wiegands, I was so moved to write, I figured – why not put it on the blog!  “So maybe the trick is to let ourselves have a break…then in a moment we don’t expect it, we will be re.inspired. A fresh tube of paint, feet hitting the pavement on an evening run, the first snow of winter, a great song on the radio with the windows down, a late night sitting on the kitchen floor talking with your husband [or for me roommate] about dreams.”

So, maybe I need to take a break or maybe I need to really figure out a practical plan (and at the same time be open to that plan getting changed, because let’s be honest – it will, and I may even like the unexpected more…) to not play it so safe anymore.  I do not need to go be completely irresponsible, but I do not have to stay so serious at the same time.  Let’s call it the unconventional approach to living life with passion.

How about you, do you play it safe?  Or do you take the risks and do the more unconventional thing? 

Much love,


7 thoughts on “Take a Break & Live…

  1. I think you should go for it! It’s good to follow your dreams and you are still young and unattached. You can always go back to MN if it doesn’r work. I agree that it shouldn’t be a rash decision. Figure out what you want to do and start to put the plans into motion. I mean you don’t want to come here jobless without a place to live, etc.

    I almost moved to SF about 7 years ago. Had a great job opportunity but my father in law at the same time got diagnosed with stomach cancer so we decided to stay in NY. It was the right decision at the time because he passed away 7 months later. There’s a part of me that would still like to move somewhere else for a new experience. Maybe one day…


  2. That’s so exciting! I’ve been wanting to visit NYC for a while now…

    As you well know, Travis and I moved to Colorado 4 years ago without jobs. I have heard countless stories from people in our church of how God provided exactly what they needed, when they needed it for their move to CO. If NYC is where God is leading you, the pieces will fall into place.

    I understand that it’s one thing to move because of a job. But it feels a lot riskier to move because you just want to. If you can’t find a job before moving, don’t let that deter you. We found that it’s really hard to find and apply for jobs when you’re 1000 miles away. Still go for it!

    That said, it would be wise to save up enough money before moving that if you were without a job for a period of time, you could still eat and live inside.

  3. I’ve stuck to the safe stuff with the job, but not so with relationships. It looks like I’ll be taking some trips to NY to visit my lady during Jan/Feb, so if you’re looking for a travel buddy….

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