Spex Club…

There are so many ways accessories can change up a look or give it a different feel.  One accessory that always does that well is a new pair of glasses.  Whether you have prescription frames or not, you wear a pair for a day and you have a whole new look and feel to you.  I have had glasses since I was seven, but primairly wearing contacts since I was ten or eleven (please, glasses in middle school…there was no way I was doing that!).  In more recent years though, I have found myself enjoying wearing my glasses from time to time because I like what it adds to my look.  I have a classic pair of Chanel glasses that I adore, but recently have had an urge to have bright red glasses.  Then, I found the most wonderful site – Spex Club.  They have extremely fun glasses (both prescription and none) for a very friendly price of $88.  Amazing.  And, I couldn’t be happier with my new bright red Holly glasses.

Do you wear glasses?  How many pairs do you have?  What is your favorite style?

Much love,


PS. If you are a member of Fab.com they have a 50% off coupon today for Spec Club.  I may need to get another pair…

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