On Monday, I had the privilege of attending the Design*Sponge book signing at Anthropologie on 50th & France (an extremely cute little shopping area in the greater Minneapolis area).  It worked out well for me on timing since I had a 15% off my whole purchase at Anthro to help celebrate my birthday and the event was the day before – so it was the perfect excuse for a shopping date with one of my best friends, Cas, and we even got to enjoy cupcakes while we shopped.  Now, I know the cupcakes were not for me (please, I am not that egocentric), but it was a win win you could say.  Who doesn’t like a delicious fun sized cupcake from time to time?!

I also loved getting to chat with Grace, the founder of Design*Sponge, for a few brief moments.  It was a busy night for her, so Cas and I waited to be a couple of the last ladies to get our books signed.  That gave us a little more time to chat with her.  It was great to hear a little more about how she turned her passion into a career, as well as the persistence it really does take to build a brand.  It took her five years for the blog to take off – that was helpful to hear, as well as encouraging.  She said, “Stay true to what you are passionate about.  Write about what you like and love – and not what you think your readers want.  If you are passionate, the readers will come.”  I am thankful for her words – they were encouraging to keep writing, but to also stay true to me because that will be the best for me and the most interesting for you at the end of the day!  So, if you get a chance, I highly recommend going out and seeing this cute little lady when she comes to a city near you and get your book signed!  I am loving paging through it – so many inspirational images to get the creative juices flowing!

Do you follow Design*Sponge?  Have you gotten to go to the book signing or are you planning on it?  Who is your favorite design blog?

Much love,


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