They Say It’s Your Birthday…

…it’s my birthday, too!  That is right, as of 10:30 am central standard time, I turned 26.  I always think birthdays are weird because one, they mark the end of the year you turn (so I am marking the end of my 26th year of my life and beginning my 27th) and two, attention is on you for nothing you have actually done – it can feel weird, but at the same time most of us usually like it, too?!  I always feel bipolar about my birthday.  I have felt loved this year by my dear friends.  They threw me a surprise party on Friday and I loved walking in to my home filled with people I love – I even had a friend drive in from out of town for the party – basically, I have great friends.  And they didn’t have a traditional birthday cake for me – no, instead I had a plate with candles melted into it and macaroons staked like a mini cake (made by my amazingly talented roommate, Karyn).  It was a fun night, and there are a few more fun nights ahead to keep this celebration going.  Starting with after this long day of work, going out to The Bachelor Farmer with a few of my girlfriends.  It is this great new restaurant in the North Loop that I have been wanting to try for awhile now, so why not go when we have a reason to celebrate?! If I have to get older, I might as well use it as an excuse to get dolled up and party with the people I love.

How do you feel about your birthday?  Do you like to stretch out the celebration?  For those of you that have lived age 26, how is it?! 

Much love,


11 thoughts on “They Say It’s Your Birthday…

  1. Happy birthday, lady! I hope you have an absolutely delightful time with friends at The Bachelor Farmer tonight!

    As for how long I celebrate for, I think it is perfectly fine to have a week filled with observances. It’s the best excuse to see all of your favorite friends!

  2. Happy birthday!!! Glad you get to celebrate with friends – wish I was there to celebrate with you!

    I love celebrating my birthday and use it as an excuse to make Travis watch chick flicks and do things he would normally be opposed to. “Hey. It’s my birthday – I get to decide!” ENJOY!

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