Lady in Red…

The color red.  I have always had a love hate relationship with it because it makes such a statement.  However, as of late I cannot get enough of it (and thankfully I am not the only one, making it far more accessible in the stores and boutiques).  I love the bold, daring chicness it adds to a lady.  From the subtle use of it on the nails, lips or shoes, to the all encompassing whole red dress or outfit – in red, you are bound to make a statement.  There are plenty that feel that red is not for everyone, and I would say it does take the right person to pull it off.  The only place where I do not fully agree with that is that it is not in one’s skin tone that determines if she can pull off red, and it is all in her personality – red is not a color you can wear halfheartedly.  You must own it.  So, go put on something red and rock it – trust me, you’ll look hot.

So, how do you feel about the color of red?  Embracing this bold trend this fall or leaving it to fall to others?

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Lady in Red…

  1. red is my favorite color. but, i like the deeper tones more than the loud light harsh ones. i most definitely see it in my wardrobe for fall, then spring, then summer, then fall again! and how lovely is that red jumpsuit!


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