Fall Flying…

Some people wear a cape to get in touch with their super powers and help them fly.  However, this fall is all about wearing the cape and looking chic.  I love the classic look a cape has.  Each designer adds their own style to it, so though it is a simple structure there are so many ways to style the cape.  Plus, there are so many textiles that work beautifully for this fall outerwear.  I love the way it raps a woman’s silhouette, finishing off her look as she heads out the door on a crisp fall morning. 


Do you like capes?  Or do you prefer a more traditional trench?

Happy Monday, loves!

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Fall Flying…

  1. I LOVE capes and i almost sourced a less-structured one (nearly a ruana) at Target last week. The problem? Our season for wearing them is SO short because they’re so open. If you’re ever going to be outside in them, you have to wear so many underlayers once the cold comes in that it kind of kills any sort of smooth line.

    So yes vote, but not for this climate.

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