Wedding Extravaganza…

Today is a full day to say the least – and not just an average packed Saturday with catching up with friends.  No, today is the beginning of wedding extravaganza season for me.  Fitting that today would be the day to kick it off with a bridal shower followed by two (yes, that is right – I am going to make it to my double header) weddings.  It will be a full day that will leave me exhausted tomorrow, but it is totally worth it.  I am so excited to see these pretty ladies marry the men they love.  I cannot wait to see the dresses and aesthetics of both.  Plus, it is going to be so fun to catch up with friends have not seen in so long – love that about weddings.  Pretty dresses, favorite people, and dancing.  Sounds like a fabulous combination if you ask me!

What are you up to this weekend?  Is wedding season still going for you, or has it slowed down a bit?  How do you feel about wearing the same dress to multiple weddings (that do not fall on the same day)?

Well, I better go finish getting ready!

Much love,


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