100 Shoes…

On Tuesday, I was over at one of my dear friend’s house for our weekly Rachel Zoe night.  We were chatting after the show about her most recent time in NYC this past weekend and the fact that my birthday was coming so soon.  So soon she decided we needed to start celebrating that moment, which meant I got to open my first birthday present for the year.  I was so excited!  A book – of shoes – from the Met – with Sarah Jessica Parker writing the introduction?!  I mean seriously, can we think of a better gift for me?!  I mean, since I already have the latest Chanel biography, which I received from another friend for Christmas last year.  It is perfect and I have been loving reading about all of these amazing shoes from history.

I love how SJP puts it, “…seeing them [shoes] in a book or museum lets us appreciate them as works of art with a place in culture and history, and also as mechanisms to elevate the style, stature, and status of women around the world.”

There are so many beautiful pairs – but I love this 1920’s pair.  Plus, I am still reading so I cannot pick out my favorite yet.  There are so many wonderful designers featured in the book.  It really is a great read, or a great coffee table book for your guests to flip through.

Do you like going to museums and reading books on the history of fashion?  What is your favorite fashion book or exhibit you have seen?

Much love,


One thought on “100 Shoes…

  1. How fabulous that you got this book! Yes I love to go to museums and different exhibits. I go all the time. Love reading the history of fashion. I went to FIT and I had the opportunity to study fashion. It’s my passion! 🙂

    For my bday this year my brother in law and sister {yeah I say brother in law first because he loves fashion and he was the one that insisted on getting me these} got me 2 new books. Manolo’s New Shoes which is just gorgeous! Has all illustrations of the shoes. And the A Year In Fashion which is fabulous as well.

    Haven’t read 100 Shoes yet although I’ve heard it’s wonderful. Enjoy! xoxo

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