Five Loves…

Fox’s new show starring Zooey Deschanel, New Girl.  Now, I have only seen one episode – but I think that has potential.

Seeing pink hair on the runway.  There is something about bold hair I always love.

I am loving the Red Wing Footwear Beckham Collection for men.  If I was dating a man, I would buy him these – or at least try to get him to buy them.  Hot.  Men, take note.

Yea, so if I were ever to date that man that I bought those above pictured boots and then we fell madly in love and decided to get married…I would want to have a fashionable son like this.  His name would be Jude.  Oh wow…that was a little personal…but seriously, how cute is this little guy?!  You know you love him, too.

The perfect go to outfit for running errands on a fall day.  Love it so much – often how you find me running around Saturday morning before yoga.

What are you loving today?

Much love,


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