Boots Made for Walking…

Fall always means one staple part of my wardrobe gets to come back out – boots.  And lots of them.  Though, that never seems to stop me from getting a new pair or two each fall.  There are so many styles – flats and heels and then colors – the options are endless.  I just got a new pair of Franco Sarto riding boots and I cannot take them off I love them so much.  They were perfect for traveling and running around ATL in when I wasn’t wearing my heels at the wedding.

Are you a boots wearer?  What is your favorite style? 

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Boots Made for Walking…

  1. I loooooove boots! My favorite pair is just under the knee black boots—so cozy. However, I am liking the ankle wrapped style I’m seeing, though not sure it is for me. For the most part, I feel best in booties, heeled, and fitted.

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