Breaking the Rules…


Now, I am a lover of fashion, fashion magazines, and designers that create the fashion.  I love seeing their creativity and art.  I often love being inspired by the looks and recreating them in my own way.  However, recently I have been thinking about how I have never really been one to love following the rules or doing what someone tells me to do.  No one every became a great stylist or fashionista by wearing what everyone else is wearing.  No, rather, she pushed the limits, took bold risks and wasn’t afraid to try something that could end up getting her on the worst dress list one week in People.  Those are the people that get noticed because there is something unique about their look – it is their own.  They start each day (some a few times a day even) with a blank canvas and start piecing together each and every individual piece until it is a finished look.  That is inspiring to me – not in the sense that I want to recreate what she is doing, but rather I want to keep being myself, which means being okay with people questioning what I am wearing because it may be a little too out there for Minnesota, while others may look at it and go – wow, I love that.  Never would have thought to put it together myself, but it works.  My favorite is actually when I think eah, I don’t know how this is going to turn out but then when I lay the last accessory in its place and look in the mirror to see the finished piece – I end up loving it and shocking myself.  No matter what you walk out the door wearing in the morning, if you do it with confidence you will already be on the right foot for looking chic.

Are you a rule follower or breaker?  What sort of fashion risks do you take? 

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules…

  1. I have been “breaking” what I used to call the rules more in the past couple of years but I still have a pretty tame style so probably no one can tell. 😉 The boldest things I wear are bright colors – I hardly ever wear black. A color combo I’ve been loving lately is orange and blue/teal.

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