Casting Call…

Could it really be true?!  Will there be a third Sex and the City – The Prequel?!  Oh my gosh, I most certainly hope so.  I also hope that the original four ladies so many of us have gotten to know and come to love do return for a seventh season of the show.  If the story line is not great, we all know at least the fashion will be amazing and inspirational.

So, with all of the rumors of the potential and then over at the Fashion Chaletwe all got started playing the casting director.  It is a lot harder than I thought it would be once I really started thinking about it because I mean – hello, these are some big shoes to fill – they lay the foundation of where all the amazingness began.  The proposed cast that has been released to the public is: Blake Lively as Samantha Jones, Selena Gomez for the part of Charlotte York, Emma Roberts as Miranda Hobbs and Elizabeth Olsen (Ashley and Mary Kate’s younger sister) to portray Carrie Bradshaw.  I like they way these ladies look together and think there could be some potential there.  However, I think there are few other ladies I would like to see in the mix…


I am a huge fan of Emilie de Ravin and I think she could make a great early Carrie.  She has an innocence about her that would make being from the Midwest not too hard to believe, but she also can clean up well to look like a fashionista.  I would also be open to Blake Lively in this role, though she may be too tall for Carrie.


I would love to see Emma Stone as Miranda – I think she is feisty enough.


Rooney Mara with some brown contacts would make a great Charlotte I think.  Other close contenders in my mind would be Rachel Bilson, Alexis Bledel or Leighton Meester.


Annalynne McCord would make the perfect Samantha in my cast.

So, I am dying to know – who would you cast in the fab four of SATC in their 20’s?

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Casting Call…

  1. Oh, this is so exciting! But if it were me, I’d only cast unknown actresses. And the girl who plays carrie must have nose that looks at least a bit like SJP’s 🙂

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