A trend I am loving right now are all these polka dots.  From Kate Spade iPhone cases to clutches to beautiful flowy blouses – love when I see those fun spots.  There is something fun and retro about them, yet at the same time classic and chic.  One of my favorite dresses to wear is a light little sun dress I bought on Melrose while out in LA this past spring.  It has small subtle polka dots on it and I always get so many compliments on it.  It took me awhile to realize how much I liked this pattern.  Then, one day I started looking at the items I was purchasing or being drawn to and it was clear – I am loving polka dots.  As an accessory or the main piece in my outfit, I am hooked – well, at least I am for now.



I love how all of these ladies are working the polka dots, but all staying true to their own personal style.  That is key with any trend.  How do you feel about polka dots?  How would or are you working them into your style?

Much love,


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