Give Me Texture {Snake Skin}…

I have been loving all the different textures I have been finding for this fall.  So, with that I wanted to do a series on textures.  The first one that I am loving seeing more and more of is snake skin.  It is so rich and dynamic.  Even with the thinnest snake skin belt, it can add so much to a look to give it the perfect finishing touch.  It looks classy on a purse or work bag.  The perfect amount of flash in a clutch for a night out.  And for the bold, it is a great pattern to wear on a shirt or dress – and if feeling really adventurous – go for the pants.  I am not one for the snake skin pants, a little too close to my leopard pants days…oh wait, I think I did have snake skin, too…

Okay, I am cutting myself off, but there are just so many fun snake skin items.  Now it is just deciding which items I really want to work into my style without letting snake skin take over my wardrobe.  I would hate to become the python lady at work.  That would just be weird.

Are you a fan of snake skin?  How could you see yourself working in this texture to your current style?

Much love,


5 thoughts on “Give Me Texture {Snake Skin}…

  1. I can’t say I’m a fan of snakeskin – I really don’t like snakes. Even their skin just weirds me out. The only time I’ve worn something snakeskin was for Halloween one year… but each to their own!

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