How Does She Do It?!

Sarah Jessica Parker.  I have loved her for years.  Yes, I for a very long time referred to her simply as Carrie, but she has proven to be so much more than that one amazing role that changed the face of fashion.  Carrie gave many women some one to relate to.  Sarah Jessica Parker gives far more women some one to be inspired by.  She is starring in a movie to be released September 16th in the States titled I Don’t Know How She Does It.  It is the perfect role for this woman to star as – as she is a mother, actress, active in politics, passionate, active New Yorker, sees the importance of the arts – she is a domestic diva taking on the world head first, and doing it rather gracefully and beautifully at that.  I was thrilled to see her grace to cover of the August issue of Vogue – no matter how many times she appears on the cover, I am always thrilled to read more.  I am excited to see the movie, even if it is not going to be a film that blows my mind with cinematography.  It will at least be a good laugh – and hopefully some great fashion, after all SJP has never been one to dress poorly – on or off the screen.

She is a stunning woman and has a beautiful family – and I do not mean that simply outwardly.

Are you a fan of SJP?  What do you love most about her? 

Much love,


6 thoughts on “How Does She Do It?!

  1. I am a fan of hers. Even though I sometimes question her choice of outfits, I have to admire her confidence and unique style. I also loved her character on SATC because she was a writer – it made me dream about one day being one as well.

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