Call of the Wild…


Now, I have had an on and off love affair with animal print pretty much my whole life.  I mean I went through the whole teeny bopper phase of having everything leopard print – from lights strung in my room, pillows, colorful leopard print pants (yes – it was a bad obsession…there were multiple pairs), to even a scrunchie (adolescence in the nineties?! I’m afraid so…).  I thought I had moved on from this whole thing, until one day I went for a stroll around the mall and I saw this beautifully chic flowy shirt…in leopard print.  It was paired with sleek black slacks.  Pair it with the perfect black pump and dang, you have a rather hot work ensemble.  I have seen this call of the wild coming up everywhere, but I thought it was a trend I would be able to resist.  Now, I am thinking that is not going to happen because I love this shirt so much.  Plus, I figure I am a little safer since it is not pants (been there, done that – no need to repeat – and thinking for everyone in this case) and it is a natural shade of leopard – not hot pink or anything resembling Lisa Frank (oh you best believe I loved me some Lisa Frank back in my day…).

What are your thoughts on leopard print?  What was the craziest leopard print item you owned and rocked proudly in the nineties?

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8 thoughts on “Call of the Wild…

  1. I like leopard print but am not sure I am daring enough to wear it – plus, I fear that even though it’s “in” right now, it will be “out” before I feel like I get my money’s worth out of anything I buy. If I were going to buy something though, it would be an accessory like shoes or a purse.

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