Happy Weekend…

Time to lay back and do what I want because I chose to not pack in today with all sorts of meet-ups with friends.  What a freeing feeling.  What an even more lovely thought now that my new bed is here.  It came a day earlier and so last night was my first night sleeping in it – and let me tell you, it made me feel like a princess.  It is so thick I have to climb into bed – I love it so much.  Recently I there have been some big purchases  – all fairly needed.  Last month, it was the new tires for my car – and they really do make a big difference.  This month, replacing my mattress of nearly 20 years – now that was a necessity and so glad I finally did.  Next month, maybe a new Mac because my current one is old and SO slow.  But does anyone know when the new Macs will come out?!  Eah, not sure, but for now I am going to enjoying laying in my new bed, drinking coffee from home and reading – I do have a lot to catch up on in Vogue – need to be ready when the September issue gets here (eeek!  My favorite issue of the whole year!!)

What are you doing this weekend to make it a happy one?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Happy Weekend…

  1. Your new bed sounds fantastic, definitely a worthwhile purchase. I’m wondering the same thing about new macs, I’m hoping to buy one when my PC eventually bites the dust 🙂

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