Vintage Insults…

I love these so much.  Some of the best insults I have heard in a long time.  Though, can we really expect anything less from Shakespeare?!  It is hard to select my favorite, but I do really enjoy, “Hide not thy poison with such sugar’d words.”  Which is your favorite?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Insults…

  1. “Thou smell of goat” has become extremely popular. Too bad it’s not what Shakespeare actually wrote.

    The original line,from Henry V, Act iv, scene iv (where it is spoken by the comic character Pistol), is given below. Note that neither the word nor notion of “smell” appears. (I assume, in any case, we are to read it as a noun. Were it a verb, the proper form would have been “(thou) smellest”.)

    Brass, cur!
    Thou damned and luxurious** mountain goat,
    Offer’st me brass?

    [**here having the archaic meaning: “lewd, lascivious”]

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