Five Loves…

Feel the music and dance with your hands.  Love seeing another enjoying one of my favorites ways to experience the music.

Loading up the fingers with multiple rings.  I love layering rings on my fingers and mixing rings together that normally don’t go together – it is like mixing patterns for your fingers.

I love  They record some of the most amazing artists and then let you listen and download the sessions for free.  They get me through the work day – it is like a little concert at my desk.  Currently I am loving The Civil Wars session and Andrew Belle’s session.

Extra long lunch breaks with good friends on Friday to go get fresh crepes cooked on the street.  I love this sweet and savory summer tradition.

Smiling is contagious.  I absolutely love that.  It is so simple, yet can bring so much healing in a moment.  And y’all have been making me smile a lot recently – so thank you.  Hope you are smiling, too.

What is making you smile today?

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. Mmmmm… I am craving crepes lately. That’s awesome you can get them on the street! I found a restaurant in Denver that only sells crepes and am trying to convince Travis to go with me. The only problem is they’re both downtown-ish and he hates going downtown (why do we live in Denver again?). But I will not be deterred! They look delicious (because they are).

  2. yum – those crepes look divine! i’d be in trouble if i could get them on the street…would have to frequent the crepe maker daily 🙂 let’s see, what’s making me smile today is the vase of coral colored spray roses sitting on my desk. i picked them up yesterday and just love having fresh flowers around me whenever i can. have a great weekend! xoxo – julie

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