Paul & Joe…

There can never be too many designers in the world.  Each one has something to offer and brings a new flavor to the art.  I think that is why I love looking for new designers, as well as continuing to go back to classics every year to see what they have in store for us in the upcoming seasons.  I also love that yes, they do want people to buy their clothes and find them gorgeous, but they (well in an ideal world) stay true to themselves.  They create art that is beautiful to them, and hope that others will agree and want to live in their art.  Ones that do this well are the French.  I am loving Paul & Joe’s Fall/Winter (or if you will Automne- Hiver) 2011/12 collection.  I also am loving that it is not just clothing for them.  They also have a breathtaking beauty collection inspired by New York City.  The detail in the product is gorgeous from the packaging to the engraving on the actual lipstick.  I want it just because it is beautiful (clearly marketing works on me…).

Now, I love summer (as I am sure you have caught on by now…), but I really do love fall for fashion.  It is like the new year for fashion.  People try new things, change up their look – and I love that.  Do you have a favorite season for fashion? How do you look forward to what is coming, but also enjoy the present?

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4 thoughts on “Paul & Joe…

  1. My favorite season for fashion/clothing is fall (in Minnesota!). I LOVE wearing wool sweaters and jeans when it’s 50 degrees outside on a beautiful fall day. LOVE. Colorado is usually too warm for wool sweaters, even in the winter. 😦

  2. Paul & Joe is fabulous! I wanted to live in their shop in Paris 🙂 Their makeup, everything, is so well thought out… and as for seasons, Fall is my favorite, as is Winter—love the layers and luxe fabrics!

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