Five Loves…

On the weekend I get to go back to a more casual look and I love that.  This weekend is the Uptown Art fair and a look like this will be everywhere.  Love it.

Long flowy maxi skirts.  Still cannot get enough of them.  They are so comfortable and perfect for a day out in the city at the art fair.

Waterfall braids.  I think they are so pretty.  If only I really had the patience to do this – I think I would love it in my hair.  I love it in everyone elses.

A day out in the sun only means one thing – a tasty sweet treat.  Aka, some delicious ice cream.  Totally a guilty pleasure that I love.

Spending the days out in the sun strolling around.  My favorite way to spend a weekend – so excited for a chill weekend with friends.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, friends!  What are your plans for the weekend?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Five Loves…

  1. Going camping with our care group from church. It will be a lot fun but I’m still trying to recover from MN! SO looking forward to a weekend when I have nothing going on (which won’t happen until the 2nd weekend of September unfortunately).

  2. Sounds like fun to me! It was my Birthday this weekend, actually, but I did work but had a little fun Sunday evening… we had dinner by the water and enjoyed a leisurely walk—and Summer 🙂

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