Mod Love…

Beauty.  It is a natural thing.  It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors.  We all appreciate different types of beauty.  One that I personally love to draw inspiration from are some of these beauties, known as models.  Now, I am not saying I want to look just like them (because let’s be honest – that would not be healthy for all of us).  But, I am saying they are beautiful and I appreciate their beauty.

Stunning.  Fun.  Beautiful.  Love these ladies.

How do you feel about models?  Do you have a favorite?

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Mod Love…

  1. While I do think models are very pretty, I would never want to be one and I feel bad for those that are. Mostly because of the pressure to be ridiculously thin and to always look good (oh and the cat fights a la America’s Next Top Model). Have you ever read Hungry by Crystal Renn? I read it last summer and thought it was really good – it’s the story of how she became a model but stopped trying to be wafer thin.

  2. I’ve loved models for as long as I can remember. Probably started in the mid 80s when I was really young. My favorite back then and still kinda is is Yasmin le Bon. She’s such an exquisite beauty and has aged so gracefully. Newer girls, I love Magdalena Frackowiak, Natasha Poly, Abbey Lee, Candice, Rosie & Miranda, Anja Rubik….I could go on 🙂 But I would never want to be as skinny as them in real life. I’ve met quite a few while working and some are really awesome. Adriana Lima is amazing and gorgeous and actually not tooo skinny. And she eats which is a good thing!

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